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Interesting Facts and Unique In Denmark Danisa

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Danisa Denmark we certainly have been familiar with it. Precisely on Sunday 13 October 2019 a contingent of Indonesian badminton athletes who are competed in the 2019 Denmark Open in Odense. The contingent of Badminton Association in the whole of Indonesia (PBSI) has a number of 30 people, consisting of 23 athletes by coaches, physiotherapists, as well as the photographer.

As one form of support for Indonesian badminton athletes who are competed in the name of the nation is in the world stage Embassy in Copenhagen and the Indonesian people around Denmark for each day of travel to Odense in order to provide support and prepare culinary archipelago are enjoyed by all Indonesian contingent. This is one of the unique and exciting momentum.

Addition of Athletes and Officials Indonesia also highly appreciated the presence of food such as rendang, chicken curry and Ketoprak deliberately prepared by the Embassy in Copenhagen as well as a variety of Indonesian society in Denmark. Although the number of people and supporters in Indonesia can not be compared with the number of supporters of hosts Denmark, but on the issue of support is very appreciated by the contingent of Indonesian badminton.

There was also a lot of unique things and interesting in the match held at Danisa Denmark Open in 2019 that, if before we talk about the speech of those in Denmark, now you can see some of the uniqueness of the players and also anything that was there, Among them are:

  1. Final Denmark Open is the fifth meeting of Ahsan / Hendra and Marcus / Kevin namely badminton championship at the top of the party for the whole year 2019. Previously there were two Indonesian men's doubles was also already in the Indonesian Masters, Indonesia Open , Japan Open, and China Open.
  2. Overall, of the pair Ahsan / Hendra and Marcus / Kevin have been 11 times were met. At the meeting 11 that since 2015 ago, Marcus / Kevin has dominated with nine victories. The last victory of Marcus / Kevin on Ahsan / Hendra occurred in the final of the China Open, which is there in September 2019. As for the last victory of Ahsan / Hendra on Marcus / Kevin last time is recorded in the Malaysia Open 2016 match.
  3. On this occasion, for the men's doubles Indonesia showed dominance on the implementation of the last four badminton championship level of 750 or more. Before the Danish Open in which it is as one of the tournament with a level of 750, Ahsan / Hendra and Marcus / Kevin also appeared as a finalist at the Indonesia Open level 1000, 750 Japan Open and China Open 750.
  4. The Indonesia doubles final meeting at the Danish Open was the last time that happened in 1998 when Ricky Subagja / Rexy Mainaky met with Eng Hian / Flandy Limpele.
  5. Marcus / Kevin is as one of the champions in the Danish Open, while for Hendra Setiawan who had been a Danish champion Open in 2008 when he was paired with Markis Kido.
  6. Marcus / Kevin met with Ahsan / Hendra that exist in Denmark Open 2018 semifinal last year that took place in Denmark, Marcus / Kevin won with a score of 21-18 and 24-22.

So many of his unique and very pleasant moments with interesting facts Danisa Denmark, supports the Indonesian players to continue to be a champion.